Welcome to the Ohio Baseball Tournaments

Welcome to the Catch Them All Classic/Magic City Mayhem…The schedule will be out late Wed. We will play Fri Sat and Sun except for teams from long distances away. The tournament is still growing so the exact field location wont be determined until Wed

We have Youth Baseball Tournaments on weekends throughout the year for ages 9-15.

Each tournament has different qualifications. Please go to the TOURNAMENTS page for all links necessary to enter.

Coaches, players,umpires and fans: By entering any Ohio Baseball Tournaments event, you agree to hold Brad Fox and Ohio Baseball Tournaments, its volunteers, associates and staff, harmless from any bodily injury, personal injury, and/or illness as a result of your participation in or attendance to the event. By participating, this verifies that the team has medical insurance coverage for all players and coaches listed on the roster.

Please click for the Covid-19 Baseball Guidelines from Governor DeWine’s Responsible RestartOhio plan.


 Please be respectful of the social distancing and lets have a great start to a fantastic season! Please bring extra lawn chairs for your team and fans so we can stay 6 ft  away as much as possible. Also please attempt to reserve the area along the dugout or behind the backstop as a holding area for the players not on the field. We highly recommend face coverings for everyone involved in the tournament.  Remember no handshakes no high fives…the all together team tip of the cap is a great way to respect your opponent!  I have to say this and need to be direct as possible…you are participating at your own risk and if at some point you dont feel comfortable please contact me and we can make arrangements to  pull your team from the tournament. We want everyone to feel safe and secure and we want this to be enjoyable experience as we get back to letting the kids play baseball! So BE CAREFUL..BE SAFE…BE RESPECTFUL and lets play ball! As always we thank you for your continued support over the years!!

Contact for more information:

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Ages 9-12 $30 per team, one ump per game,

13-15 $60 per team , two umps per game.